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The Setup

Software Versions

  • WinXP sp2
  • Apache 2.2.4
  • PHP 5.2.4
  • Postgres 8.2.5

All software was installed on the same host.

The Installation

RSCDS was installed to C:/www/rscds using directory method (not VirtualHost)

User Creation

From the Postgres directory I ran: "createuser -U username -W password -D -R general"

Database Creation


  1. The various .sql files need to be in the current directory for the database creation scripts. I had to copy all the .sql files in C:\www\rscds\dba to C:\www\rscds\dba\windows
  2. The create-database.bat file tries to source a "Grants.sql" file which is not in the installation. I remarked out line 41 with no apparent problems.
  3. I also had to edit line 15 to: set PGDIR="C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.2\bin"
  4. I used cygwin's pcregrep.exe instead of egrep (seemed to work ok) so I had to modify all instances of egrep to pcregrep in the create-database.bat file
  5. This script makes a table in the form of prefix-rscds (e.g. cal-rscds). I'm not sure of the significance of this but I had to keep that in mind during the install.

I then changed directory to c:\www\rscds\dba\windows and ran the create-database.bat like so: "create-database.bat [prefix] [username] [password]"

Edit: in my case (PG v8.3, WinXPsp2), i encountered the following:

  1. i had to create 'role' named 'general' before running the BAT file,
  2. i had to manually set the %PGDIR% variable to:
  set PGDIR="c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\bin"

instead of: set PGDIR=%PGLOCALEDIR%\..\..\bin

  1. i had to remove the '-U' switches, since i got these error messages:
   psql: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "-U"

apparently it expected the username right away, without anouncing this argument first

  1. my (existing) egrep.exe wasn't detected! i had to delete the detector line from the BAT file.

To enable PostgreSQL with PHP 5.3.x

  1. configured with Apache, adding the following line to httpd.conf to load libpq.dll can save you a lot of time :
    LoadFile "C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.4/bin/libpq.dll"

  1. uncomment PostgreSQL in PHP.ini just remove (;)


RSCDS Config

I then ran "mkdir C:\etc\rscds" and placed my config file there. In the config file I had to set a password for the connect string (i.e. ...user=general password=generalpw). Whether this was necessary is controlled in the PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf file.

I now have everything apparently working. Preliminary tests look good. Can connect from Sunbird and Lightning, add calendars, events etc.

Hope this helps someone, I'd appreciate any feedback on steps I could or should have done differently.