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I wrote this to pull calendars from DAViCal to our website. It is a re-write of some classes that pulled data from a Drupal database, so it currently doesn't display all possible text.

I'd love to see this rolled into DAViCal on the user collections page or as a way of displaying groups of collections in read-only mode.

To install, you'll need to update the following line in caldav_display.classes.php with your information, and then adjust the calendars you'd like to display in sample_display.php. Put sample_display.php and calendar.css in a web accessible folder and place the classes file in your path.

$calendar_db = pg_connect("host=hostname port=5432 dbname=rscds user=general password=password_for_general"

Place calendar_notifier on a server with cli php and call it with cron to send out nightly agenda emails. Something like:

0 4 * * * php /usr/local/sbin/calendar/calendar_notifier.php

You'll also need to install Pear's Date class and a relatively recent version of JQuery.