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This is a bugfix release that adds compatibility with PHP 8.1 and Postgresql 14.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Upgrades of Other Software

  • AWL 0.63 was released as well and is recommended for PHP 8.1


Bug Fixes

  • Tasks show up in Free/Busy (#257)
  • php compatibility: Creating principal fails on 8.1 (#271)
  • PHP 8 deprecations: htmlspecialchars in always.php (#266)
  • PHP 8: "Exception [0] array_flip(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, null given" at principal-edit.php (#260)
  • Exception in inc/iSchedule.php, Argument #1 must be of type Countable|array (#252)
  • Users with passwords containing a quotation mark cannot login (#259)
  • Create new users, impossible... (#250)
  • Wrong FreeBusy duration when the DTSTART of the event is the same as the DTEND (#247)
  • Remove deprecated get_magic_quotes* function call from setup.php (234)
  • "Login failure" when password contains HTML special characters (#229)

Other Changes

  • Changes to Gitlab CI, unit and regression tests

Downloading DAViCal

DAViCal 1.1.11:

AWL 0.63:

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git

  • None known.


  • None known.