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(released 2012-01-14)

This is a minor incremental release to version 1.0.1 with several bug fixes and some improvements to VCARD handling.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

There are no database changes.

Versions of Other Software

  • AWL 0.51 is required.
  • PostgreSQL 8.1 or later is required (8.4 or later is recommended).
  • PHP version 5.1 or later is required.
  • PHP PDO libraries and PDO PostgreSQL drivers


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in scheduling on POST request.
  • Fix permissions on user create via external auth.
  • Add a default min_age for external binds.

Other Changes

  • Prevent external binds from being created/updated if curl is missing.
  • Add check to setup page to test whether curl is installed.
  • Allow for silly programs that send content-type XML with a GET request.
  • Support use of HTTP_AUTHORIZATION in addition to AUTHORIZATION cgi.
  • Handle VCARD adr/tel/email which have multiple types.
  • Set the default URL to the default calendar name rather than /home/
  • Enable the file upload for addressbook collections.
  • Handle addressbook import along with calendar import.
  • Write UID and REV property n VCARD if they are missing.
  • Update translations to current transifex translations.

Downloading DAViCal

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git

  • None known.


  • None known.