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(released 2 Nov 2008)

Database Upgrade

A database upgrade is desirable for release 0.9.6. The database will need to be at release 1.2.3, at a minimum.

Functionality Changes

Initial Support for the Draft Scheduling Extensions to CalDAV.

  • Free/Busy enquiry per CalDAV Scheduling Extensions to WebDAV (RFC6638)
  • Basic interoperation with Mozilla Calendar 0.9 free/busy handling
  • Basic interoperation with iCal 3 free/busy handling
  • Support for the draft calendar-user-principal extension

Bug Fixes

  • When importing whole iCalendar calendars, repeating events with exceptions are now handled correctly.
  • A number of properties were returned to 'allprop' requests when they should not have been.

Other Changes

  • Changes to the administration interface to support the database changes for the Scheduling extensions.
  • A new configuration option $c->readonly_webdav_collections = true; is added, to force all calendar modifications to be via CalDAV.
  • A new configuration option is added,
  • Substantial refactoring of REPORT and PROPFIND handling.
  • More complete coverage of the DAV 'principal' and it's properties, as defined in RFC3744.
  • Rewriting of all XML handling to be case sensitive. This should assist performance slightly.
  • A webdav request for an empty calendar will now return a calendar with no events, rather than a 'resource not found' response.
  • The French translation has been updated.


  • It is essential to upgrade the AWL library along with DAViCal, as some of the XML case-sensitivity changes occur there also.
  • On upgrade to 0.9.6 all calendars will identify themselves as scheduling capable, and scheduling inboxes & outboxes will be automatically created for each user, as requests to them are made.


Released 2nd November 2008

Download links

Debian Lenny

deb lenny awm

Debian Sid

AWL and DAViCal are in Debian Sid and can be installed directly with apt-get. These packages will work in Etch or later, or in Ubuntu Feisty or later.


An ebuild should be available in due course.

Sourcecode and RPM packages