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For the Aspiring Release Manager

DAViCal is getting to a point where I need to delegate the management of the release process to someone else. I lose sight of important details while I concentrate on adding larger functionality. Or worse: the details eclipse my concentration on larger more complex functional changes.

If you think you can help, then:

  1. Sign up for the davical-dev mailing list
  2. Try to work out what changes are important to be included in the next release.
    You may find it worth joining the IRC channel to discuss this with the developers.
  3. Work out what your job description really is!

The Release Process

This is what we would like the release process to become, not what it currently is.

t-6 weeks

  1. Finalise what will be included in the release on a new page under Release Planning

t-2 weeks

  1. Throw out things that we wanted to include, but which aren't done yet.
  2. Advise translators of upcoming release.
  3. No more database changes allowed.
  4. Apply any database patches to the davical.sql

t-1 weeks

  1. Ensure database patches have been applied to davical.sql.
  2. Draft Changelog files
  3. Start writing release notes on wiki.
  4. Confirm regression tests all pass.
  5. Build pre-release packages.
  6. Notify pre-release package availability on IRC channel.

t-3 days

  1. Ensure debian/control dependency is correct for libawl-php (etc)
  2. Update VERSION in awl and davical
  3. Confirm all regression tests pass.
  4. Build updated pre-release packages.
  5. Notify pre-release package availability on IRC and on davical-dev mailing list.
  6. Update Changelog & Release Notes

t-1 days

  1. Make sure there are no outstanding release gotchas.
  2. Review wiki release notes.
  3. Build release packages.
  4. Notify early availability of release packages on IRC, davical-dev and davical-general mailing lists.
  5. Tag the git tree with the release version.

Release Day

  1. Make sure there are no outstanding release gotchas.
  2. Review wiki release notes.
  3. Push the release packages to the repository.
  4. Upload the release packages to Debian.
  5. Update the current_davical_version on the website.
  6. Send e-mail to the davical-general mailing list.
  7. Blog/... publicise the release.