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Using pkgsrc

DAViCal (and all its dependencies) were imported inside pkgsrc under www/davical. It is the easiest way of installing and configuring DAViCal under NetBSD.

One you have uncompressed pkgsrc in your environment, enter DAViCal directory, and start installation:

cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/davical
make install

pkgsrc will then take care to resolve all the required dependencies. Note that the configuration files (for Apache as well as DAViCal) are put in a non-default location; with pkgsrc's default directories, they will be found under:

  • /usr/pkg/etc/davical/davical.conf for Apache
  • /usr/pkg/etc/davical/config.php for DAViCal's PHP configuration

Same goes for htdocs, documentation and examples. They reside respectively in:

  • /usr/pkg/share/davical/htdocs for htdocs files
  • /usr/pkg/share/doc/davical for documentation
  • /usr/pkg/share/examples/davical for examples of configuration files