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The RFC5842{{#if:Binding extensions to WebDAV|:  |}}Binding extensions to WebDAV proposal provides facilities for binding resources to multiple places in the DAV hierarchy.

DAViCal supports some elements of this proposal, but is unlikely to support it in full.

Support Target

We want to support:

  • the BIND method against collection resources (including calendar- and addressbook- collections) so that these collections can be presented at multiple locations in the hierarchy.
  • REPORT, PROPFIND, GET, PUT, DELETE and MOVE methods against these bound collections, applying the actions against the underlying bound collections as transparently as possible.
  • PROPPATCH against the collection resources where the PROPPATCH generally applies to the binding, and not to the underlying data.
  • the DAV::resource-id and DAV::parent-set properties

We are less likely to support:

  • DELETE on the original resource will result in a DELETE of all binds to that resource, rather than the unbinding of the original, but retention of other binds.

Other interesting stuff:

  • Interaction with Ticket-Based Access Control Extension to WebDAV (expired draft)
    • If a Ticket is supplied along with a BIND request (either as a 'Ticket: <ticket_id>' header, or as a '?ticket=<ticket_id>' URL parameter) the ticket will be stored along with the binding, and the ticket permissions will apply to subsequent access to the target resource via the binding.
This means, for example, that someone can issue a ticket to grant specific read privileges to a calendar, and the recipient can BIND to that calendar using the ticket and see it present in their calendar-home-set, as if it was their own calendar.

Current Status

Section Feature Requirement Status towards release of 0.9.9
2. BIND method MUST :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. DELETE of a BIND MUST :  |}}0.9.9!) .
2. PROPFIND resource-id MUST :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. PROPFIND parent-set MAY :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. PROPFIND across bound resources MUST :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. REPORT across bound resources MUST :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. PUT inside bound collections MUST :  |}}0.9.9!)
2. DELETE inside bound collection MUST
2. MOVE into bound collection MUST
2. MOVE our of bound collection MUST
2. PROPPATCH displayname is per binding N/S





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