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At some point it will be desirable for the relationships between users to be sourced from external data, such as an LDAP store, or some other repository of organizational information.


Please put something here if you have some requirements around this. Feel free to use this page as a whiteboard for ideas.

It should be possible to pull relationships from external authentication and also through a configuration file. Something similar to the way the Drupal LDAP Integration Module works might work well. (See the ldapgroups.conf.php file for examples).

This should also include an option to automatically add all users to a group, but not convey any specific rights simply by being a member of that group. (Perhaps it would be necessary to grant that group read access to a resource to keep user permissions correct.)


Since release 0.9.2 it has been possible to specify relationships to be automatically added to new users, which goes some way to addressing this, but there is still no facility to create these relationships based on external data. See Configuration/settings/default_relationships for more details of those settings.