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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2014-04-30, 17:00 UTC (postponed from April 23)

People involved in the meeting: Jim Fenton, phoo1234567, mate, cyril, Florian Schlichting
Begin time: 1706 UTC

1. Project's infrastructure

1.1. Website and documentation

  • Information: Jim reverified his offsite backup with Tony (tuxick) and that's working OK. He just need to get a cron set up.
  • Information: Jim said that Tony probably doesn't have a home page set up so we aren't ready to change the link yet.

1.2. Source code

  • Information: Mate annouces he fixed very probably all bugs and his current local version works as the previous version of davical (still needs ~ day testing).
  • Information: Mate found lot of bugs in the invitation functionality in previous version and there are still present in the git (~ 1-2 day fixing)
  • Information: Mate created few new configuration options which speeds up davical MUCH (these can be enabled/disabled on user-agent /or other header/ basis). The performance improvement is really noticeable.
  • Problem: Apple clients ignore collections that are not clearly marked VEVENT or VTODO, so separate collections have to be created. Combined collections are allowed by RFC, however, and are the default in davical up to now. How to be complient with RFC and make Apple client to work?
  • Agreement: Mate will create a shell script to upgrade all users with combined VTODO/VEVENT collections to separate collections to solve compatibility problems with Apple clients. Default will be separate_calendar_collections = true for newly created collections.
1.2.1 Git
  • Information: Mate hasn't pushed his latest changes because there are a lot of extra debugs yet and doesn't want to confuse users.
  • Information: Jim will copy the issues and version labels from Github over to Gitlab in preparation for abandoning Github.

1.3. Downloads and binary repositories

1.3.1 Debian/DEB Packages
  • Information: Florian Schlichting agreed working on work on the davical package now that Andrew has agreed to let us work on it.
  • Agreement: Need new mailing list for notifications about bug updates, etc. - Jim Fenton to contact Andrew about getting a new list started on SourceForge.
1.3.2 RedHat/RPM Packages

1.4. Localization

2. Development

2.1. Tickets or bug reports

2.2. Patches or updates

2.3. New features or versions

3.Project's community

3.1 Mailing list and meetings

  • Agreement: Next meeting will be on May 14th at 17:00 UTC. Chat at #davical OFTC IRC channel, minutes at Gobby channel

3.2. Roles

3.3. Communication with Andrew McMillan

4. Off topics

Meeting adjourned 18:30 UTC.