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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2017-09-21, 19:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting:

Jim Fenton, gorka, fsfs (Florian), tuxick, wankel

Begin time: 19:00 UTC

Project infrastructure

Website and documentation

Website and wiki were moved to a new VPS. One of the slave name servers ( didn't get the update, resulting in connectivity problems for some. Jim will check in a few hours and follow up with Andrew as appropriate.

We now have a Twitter account! It's managed by Benjamin Hagemann <>. More people from the DAViCal development team should be added.

Source code


Downloads and binary repositories

Debian/DEB Packages

There was discussion about an issue raised asking whether the davical package should also install postgresql. Postgresql is now "recommended". The consensus was to leave it that way.

RedHat/RPM Packages



Tickets or bug reports

Gorka is working on the iOS contact photo problem. He hopes to have it fixed in two weeks.

Wankel pointed out an issue (#125) on accessing DAViCal from roundcube.

Patches or updates

New features or versions

Florian points out that it's probably time for a new release, as we need a release vehicle for some things that have been fixed. We will try to get the iOS contact photo fix into this release.

When the release is ready, Florian will run the release notes by Jim for review.

Regression tests are running reliably now so we can be much more confident of releases than we have been in the past.

Project community

Mailing list and meetings

Florian and Jim discussed ways of getting more people involved, like having a list of "newcomer tasks" or having more frequent, shorter meetings. We'll keep thinking on this.

Next meeting: Thursday, 11 January 2018 at 20:00 UTC.


Communication with Andrew McMillan

Off topics

Meeting adjourned at 20:43 UTC.