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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2016-01-21, 19:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting:

Jim Fenton, Cyril Giraud, Narcis Garcia, Frank Martin, Tuxick, Gorka

Begin time: 19:06 UTC

1. Project infrastructure

1.1. Website and documentation

Navigating on may switch to (same Wiki content, but confusing). Corrected by Tuxick on the fly.

We also discussed getting rid of the /index.php/ in the middle of the wiki URLs; Tuxick will investigate rewrite rules to do that.

1.2. Source code

Florian and Cyril will improve scripting of translation process.

An opensource tool to make documentation from code and code comments should be selected. phpdoc and php-apigen are in short list.

1.2.1 Git

1.3. Downloads and binary repositories

1.3.1 Debian/DEB Packages

1.3.2 RedHat/RPM Packages

1.4. Localization

2. Development

2.1. Tickets or bug reports

2.2. Patches or updates

2.3. New features or versions

3.Project community

3.1 Mailing list and meetings

3.2. Roles

3.3. Communication with Andrew McMillan

4. Off topics

Next meeting Thursday March 10 at 19:00 UTC.

Meeting adjourned 21:07 UTC.