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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2014-12-15, 20:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting: Jim Fenton, Cyril Giraud, Frank Martin, gorka, fsfs

Begin time: 20:00 UTC

1. Project infrastructure

1.1. Website and documentation

  • There is a problem with the wiki logo, which may have gone missing in the move
  • There is a problem with languages links on the wiki, which have been lost during the move.
  • Jim receives email from official email address and has access to create accounts on the Wiki.
  • Discussed overlap between the website and the wiki. Consensus is that content should gradually move from website to wiki (except for the home page). Move will be engaged when wiki issues have been resolved.

1.2. Source code

1.2.1 Git
  • Florian has a working test suite, but some test fails have to be reviewed by mate.
  • Gorka will check LDAP and documentation consistency.

1.3. Downloads and binary repositories

  • Consensus was to update the official release from 1.1.2 to
  • Next release will be 1.1.4. We should try to get the test suite working correctly before 1.1.4 but may need to release before that can be completed.
  • Need a roadmap and beta releases for future versions.
1.3.1 Debian/DEB Packages
  • No new bugs have been reported to Debian.
1.3.2 RedHat/RPM Packages

No update

1.4. Localization

No new updates

2. Development

2.1. Tickets or bug reports

A bug triage have been released, but without large success.

2.2. Patches or updates

2.3. New features or versions

  • The handle_remote_attendees branch on GitHub, probably committed after the move to Gitlab, probably needs to be ported over. Need a new issue for that. Action: fsfs + closing #5.

3.Project community

3.1 Mailing list and meetings

  • Narcis Garcia cannot join to the meetings on Mondays.
  • Tentative plan for next meeting on 19 January at 19:00 UTC; Jim will confirm via mailing list since those with Monday conflicts could not comment.

3.2. Roles

3.3. Communication with Andrew McMillan

No new communication

4. Off topics

Christmas and New Years greetings were exchanged.

Meeting adjourned 22:08 UTC.