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This is a remarkably spotty result at present. Still, I guess CardDAV is not a finalised RFC yet, so we can expect that some of these things are still being worked on to some degree.

Free Software

  • Evolution - Works as WebDAV contacts. Except perhaps not currently (2.30, 2.31) other than https on port 443.
    • Here is a Bug report and patch for evolution-data-server v2.30.3 to make webdav addressbook work (version in Ubuntu Maverick)
    • To set up you DAViCal contact list in Evolution (confirmed to work over port 443 in Evolution 2.32.2 in Ubuntu Natty 11.04):
      • Go to the Contacts view
      • File > New > Address Book
      • Set Type to WebDAV and type a name of your choice
      • For the Server URL, you need to enter the full URL to your contacts collection, such as https://domain.tld/caldav.php/username/contacts
      • Enter your DAViCal username and press OK
      • Expand the WebDAV section of the Contacts and click the new Address Book you just added to see a list of you DAViCal contacts.
    • Both downloading and editing contacts appears to work. I noticed, however, that new contacts made in Evolution do not sync down to Apple Address Book (but they do sync to CardDAV-Sync beta on Android).
  • kcarddav - Not working
  • SoGo Connector - The SOGo connector v3.102 which provides CardDAV for Thunderbird 3.1 works partly (Status)
  • Thunderbird native support - work not started - see here
  • CardDAV plugin for Roundcube webmail
  • CardDavMATE - Open source web CardDAV client / HTML5 Javascript+jQuery web application (compatible with Safari, Webkit, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Roundcube CardDAV-Plugin - Open source Roundcube Webmail CardDAV-Plugin
  • PHP CardDAV-Plugin - Open source PHP CardDAV-Client

Non-free Software

  • Apple Address Book (MacOS X 10.6/Snow Leopard)

Works out of the box if you specify your server with port number, e.g.