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Sogo Connector

Official Website

Support status

  • From version 24 on the connector can be configured to synchronize automatically in a user-defined interval. Before that one had to synchronize manually.
  • For older version there was a bug where connector seemed to use an outdated version of WebDAV Sync. One had to configure DAViCal to use this outdated version with the following configuration setting
$c->use_old_sync_response_tag = true;
  • Contacts created/edited in SOGo Connector are shown correctly in other clients (tested with Apple iOS 4.1 Addressbook)
  • Contacts created/edited in other clients (iPhone) are correctly shown after the connectors next synchronization.

RECHECK The following two problems seem to be related to some issues with Apples iOS Addressbooks handling of vCards. There is a thread on the SOGo mailing list with a suggestion for a workaround.

  • Some fields (address, multiple email-addresses, website, etc.) created with the iPhone are not shown in the Connector - the same fields created in Connector were shown correctly on iPhone.
  • Some fields might get lost in a contact edited with multiple clients: e.g. the messenger field created in Connector is lost after an edit with the iPhone.