CardDAV Clients

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Free Software

  • Evolution supports CardDAV native
  • Thunderbird
    • work on native support has not started
    • SoGo Connector provides CardDAV for Thunderbird
    • CardBook provides an enhanced address-book, manages all contacts under the VCard standard, and synchronizes with CardDAV.
  • Outlook:CardDAVSyncOutlook - Outlook address book synchronization with CardDAV
  • Roundcube Webmail: Roundcube CardDAV-Plugin - Open source Roundcube Webmail CardDAV-Plugin
  • CardDavMATE - Open source web CardDAV client / HTML5 Javascript+jQuery web application (compatible with Safari, Webkit, Chrome and Firefox)* kcarddav - Not working
  • PHP module: PHP CardDAV-Plugin - Open source PHP CardDAV client library


  • DAVdroid – open-source CalDAV/CardDAV sync adapter for Android 4 or newer

Non-free Software