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Chandler Project products include:

  • Chandler Desktop
  • Chandler Server, also known as Cosmo
  • Chandler Hub, a hosted instance of Chandler Server.

Chandler Desktop 1.0.3:

  • defaults to synchronising every 15 minutes, and on demand
  • supports read and write edition of multiple collections on CalDAV servers
  • supports more traditional read-only subscription to individual iCalendar publications, from servers that do not have CalDAV capability.

Read-only iCalendar interoperability between Chandler Desktop and DAViCal

Work in progress. Subscription to the URL for an individual calendar:

  • may be unexpectedly interpreted as a WebDAV Sharing account.

CalDAV interoperability between Chandler Desktop and DAViCal

Work in progress:

  • File menu | Accounts… — a test of a WebDAV Sharing account may suggest that you have read-only access, but then no collections are found
  • Share menu | Subscribe… — subscription to the URL of a user (without specifying a calendar/collection) may lead to unexpected behaviour
  • versions of DAViCal beyond may resolve an issue.

Following synchronisation, read Items may be unexpectedly marked as unread.