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As at February 2011 an Alpha quality Android client is available here: [http://debian.mcmillan.net.nz/packages/acal/]
As at September 2009 the Android Calendar Application does not support CalDAV.
As at September 2009 the Android Calendar Application does not support CalDAV.

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As at February 2011 an Alpha quality Android client is available here: [1]

As at September 2009 the Android Calendar Application does not support CalDAV.

Here's the bug requesting CalDAV support in Android. Go forth and vote!

Or even consider working on it. If someone obtained me an android phone I would get it going myself, either by building an app probably using caldav4j and developing the front-end, or by hacking CalDAV support into the existing calendaring app.

Of course if nobody buys me a phone I'll eventually end up buying myself one (probably around Feb 2010, as a 50th birthday present for myself :-) Karora 08:47, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

I'm unable to sponsor a phone, but I'd really love an Android application that gives me access to CalDav calendars other than the Google calendar service. Since you're planning on getting one, why not hack on the application already, so it's ready to use when you have your phone? ;) It should be possible with the SDK (which contains an emulator). If you need a tester, you can count on me (I have an Android phone, the HTC Dream / G1 to be precise). BTW, thanks for your great work on DaviCal! --Patrick Nagel 09:31, 16 October 2009 (UTC)

Android Calendar Application - Help wanted

Hi all
Since I am now the owner of such a device and, as you may know, the Android platform does not yet have support for CalDAV I intend to develop such an application. Since this is not a trivial task and I only have limited spare time to invest in the project I therefore seek help from the community. Help is wanted in these areas:

  • programming - the programming language is Java
  • UI design - my UI design skills can simply not meet up to my programming skills
  • Icon - the application must have a fancy icon but, again, my skills in the graphics department are almost totally lacking:-)
  • Functionality and feature study - which features and what functionality would you like to see in the application

Generally all inputs are welcome but influence come with commitment and constribution.
To ensure all can participate equally I would prefer you give your input on the Davical Wiki

Questions can be emailed directly to me.

Happy Hacking - Michael Rasmussen

I like the design and functionality of the Calendar application that comes with Google Android devices - maybe we could use that as a starting point? Or maybe it would be even possible to extend that application and create a fork with CalDAV support? That would of course require the application to be open source and have a license that permits us to do so. --Patrick Nagel 11:29, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

I have downloaded the source and SDK. While doing this a discovered two things

  • Android is released under the Apache License 2.0 which is compatible to GPL 3.0:-)
  • The native calendar is part of the Android source:-)

So extending the native calendar application is a possibility.

I will have to do some more digging into the source before I will be able to come up with a conclusion.

So this could be an alternative to the shipped calendar-application usable without a google-account? Sounds very interesting to me! Any progress over the last weeks? Is there any project-website besides this wiki-page? (Something like sourceforge, google-code, github, ...) Is there a mailing-list? -- Mo

Clients/Calendar Sync for Android

There's an app in the android market now called Calendar Sync that handles CalDAV.

Yes. I can confirm it works. The homepage is here: [2]

A page has been added here: CalDAV Clients/Calendar Sync for Android

Open Source CalDAV support for Android

Sudheer Peddireddy

I made caldav4j work on Android. Please see instructions here. With this, one can setup/view/interact with CalDAV calendars using android native calendar application. It can sync events both ways (add, delete, change events on server or device and sync). Please note that this is still a prototype and work in progress. (sync is manual, supports simple fields, etc)