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Template:Languages There are now at least four CalDAV implementations for Android:

CalendarSync Android CalDAV Click here

CalendarSync allows it to sync your device with various calendar informations sources. It also provides a lot of additional features. CalendarSync also allowes Android CalDAV sync.

  1. Using a self-created parser which support complex and more features than other iCalendar parsing/importing applications.
  2. Import appointments, alarms and attendees direct from iCal files (*.ics). and applications.
  3. Import appointments, alarms and attendees direct from Microsoft Calendar files (*.vcs) and applications.
  4. Export appointments, alarms and attendees which are stored on the device to iCal files (*.ics).
  5. Make a quick look at the appointments stored in the iCal files.
  6. Update old and add new appointments from an iCal file.
  7. iCalendar files are associated to this app.
  8. Timezone support.
  9. Create and remove calendars on the device.
  10. Fingerfriendly landscape/portrait mode aware GUI.
  11. Load, Parse and sync ICal files direct from the Internet from different sources.
  12. Supports the download/handling of calendar informations with HTTP/HTTPS.
  13. Supports the sync from and to server which provide calendar informations with CalDAV.
  14. Supports the download/handling of calendar informations with FTP/FTPS.
  15. Supports the download/handling of webcal/webcals feeds.
  16. Periodically background sync of calendar informations.
  17. Automatically background sync can be handled periodically by the app itself or it can be triggered by external applications like Tasker.
  18. Checking for updates
  19. Logging
  20. Advanced filtering which informations should be imported
  21. Supporting devices with more than one cpu core to speed up parsing/importing/downloading of informations.
  22. Multi-language: Currently english and german.
If you are interested in translating the app in other languages please contact me.


  1. Set up SRV records and well-known paths.
  2. Install DAVdroid.
  3. Add a new account. If haven't set up well-known paths, use /caldav.php/user/ (see DAVdroid configuration].

Hypermatix CalDAV Clients/Calendar Sync for Android

  • Tries to synchronise the internal Android calendar store with a CalDAV server.
  • "Free as in beer" in the app store

aCal CalDAV Client for Android

  • aCal is a standalone calendar application which only supports calendars hosted on a remote CalDAV server.
  • "Free as in software" with the source code available on gitorious under the GPL v3 license.
  • The app store version of aCal is sold for a token NZD$2 (or equivalent) to discourage accidental installation by people who don't actually want a CalDAV client, and to help keep the author in beer and pizza.


  • the caldav4j-apk is a free replacement for the google calendar which syncs with remote CalDAV servers.

CalDAV-Sync beta and CardDAV-Sync beta(dmfs / Marten Gajda)

  • Synchronises the Android calendar with an arbitrary number of CalDAV servers.
  • As of version 0.1.4 two-way synchronisation is stable and no longer "experimental".
  • Available on the Android Market for ~2.50€ (as of 2011-08-28). CardDAV-Sync also comes in a free trial version.
  • According to the author it will be released as open source once version 1.0 is reached
  • Over a month of real-world use and not a single issue with it (User:Patrick Nagel)


If CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync don't sync or you cannot set up an account, check the following:

  • You'll need at least PHP 5.2, for the DateTime class, since CalDAV-Sync seems to trigger the code paths for repeating events even if there are no repeating events in the calendar. (See also Setup_Failure_Codes/PHP_DateTime_class)
  • Verify that Keep-Alives are enabled in your web server configuration (they're disabled by default in the stock Apache config on RedHat/CentOS/Fedora)
  • Make sure you didn't change the DAV headers. Go to your DAViCal configuration file and look for a line beginning with
$c->override_dav_header = "..."

If that line exists comment it out or make sure it contains "addressbook" and "calendar-access". CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync won't sync if a collection is not advertised as calendar or address book by those headers.

FLOSS CalDAV sync adapter by Gérald Garcia

  • Synchronise your calendar from a caldav calendar server.
  • Fully integrated and transparent in Android account management.
  • One way sync only for the moment.