Archived Road Map up to 1.0.0

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Template:TOCrightA road map for the development is a really good idea. If you have features that should be on the road map then create a page for them and add it to Category:Roadmap so that it can be listed here and scheduled for inclusion.


  • Bug Fixes

DAViCal 0.9.9

  • Scheduling Extensions for CalDAV
  • Tickets
  • WebDAV bind
  • Revision 3 of WebDAV sync
  • More transitioning to PDO for database access.

DAViCal 1.0

  • Renaming from RSCDS to DAViCal complete
  • More scheduling extensions completeness
  • Imprevements to regression testing
  • Improvements to installation and configuration
  • add your request here

Features not part of DAViCal

Other Things which might arrive asynchronously