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A merge between this page and pre-existing documentation under git repository is in progress.
'''DAViCal: working with Transifex'''
'''DAViCal: working with Transifex'''

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A merge between this page and pre-existing documentation under git repository is in progress.

DAViCal: working with Transifex

Transifex provides a CLI tool to synchronize translations from the web. It's called tx.


Some Linux distros provide a transifex-client package, but it's usually an outdated version. For instance, Ubuntu 12.04 repos offer transifex-client v0.6, but the latest release of transifex client is 0.10.

Installing the latest version of transifex client can be done with pip:

   # pip install transifex-client

If you want to upgrade, just run:

   # pip install --upgrade transifex-client

Client configuration

Set up your Transifex account details at ~/.transifexrc :

   hostname =
   password = <your_clear_password>
   token =
   username = <your_username>

Make sure you give it 0600 permissions.

Project configuration

Transifex client will know how to synchronize DAViCal translations by reading the .tx/config file inside the project root directory.

These are the contents of the file:

   host =
   file_filter = po/<lang>.po
   source_file = po/messages.pot
   source_lang = en
   type = PO

Pulling translations from the web

tx supports downloading latest translations from Transifex for every registered language:

   $ tx pull -a
   New translations found for the following languages: ca, ko_KR, id_ID, cs_CZ, ar, sk_SK, fi
   Pulling translations for resource davical.messagespot (source: po/messages.pot)
   -> fr: po/fr.po
   -> pt_BR: po/pt_BR.po
   -> pt_PT: po/pt_PT.po
   -> de: po/de.po
   -> it: po/it.po
   -> hu: po/hu.po
   -> et: po/et.po
   -> es_MX: po/es_MX.po
   -> ja: po/ja.po
   -> ru: po/ru.po
   -> nl: po/nl.po
   -> es_VE: po/es_VE.po
   -> sv: po/sv.po
   -> es_AR: po/es_AR.po
   -> es_ES: po/es_ES.po
   -> nb_NO: po/nb_NO.po
   -> pl: po/pl.po
   Pulling new translations for resource davical.messagespot (source: po/messages.pot)
   -> ca: po/ca.po
   -> ko_KR: po/ko_KR.po
   -> id_ID: po/id_ID.po
   -> cs_CZ: po/cs_CZ.po
   -> ar: po/ar.po
   -> sk_SK: po/sk_SK.po
   -> fi: po/fi.po

Extracting English strings (messages.pot)

As DAViCal uses gettext translation files, the tool to extract base strings (in English) from its source code is gettext.

DAViCal uses a custom function called `translate()` instead of the default `_()`, so our xgettext call needs some additional parameters:

   $ xgettext -o po/messages.pot -L php -j --keyword=translate $(find htdocs inc scripts -name '*.php')

This generates a new po/messages.pot, merging (-j) with existing strings.

Uploading English strings to Transifex

To upload a new messages.pot to Transifex the tx client can be used as follows:

   $ tx push -s

The '-s' switch tells tx to upload the source files.