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PHP Recognised Time Zones

In general DAViCal prefers timezones to be named in line with the Olson timezone naming convention. In the future this might become less necessary as DAViCal adds support for the timezone service protocol, and more client software starts to use this.

DAViCal also supports any timezone it can recognize from looking up the TZID in the timezone_identifiers_list().

Microsoft Time Zones

In a bizarre approach, Microsoft use localised strings for their TZID (they ignore the TZNAME property, and don't invent an X- name property either) and then add an X-MICROSOFT-CDO-TZID property to contain their real ID. Plus one for having a numeric identifier, but minus several zillion for not creating their own TZID field rather than their own TZNAME field...

However there is a published list of their CDO timezone IDs at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa563018%28loband%29.aspx which has a few minor errors in it (it quotes Sri Lanka as being UTC-06, for example).

From version DAViCal will translate these codes as follows (quite possibly this will work in another language than PHP :-):

     case 0:    return('UTC');
     case 1:    return('Europe/London');
     case 2:    return('Europe/Lisbon');
     case 3:    return('Europe/Paris');
     case 4:    return('Europe/Berlin');
     case 5:    return('Europe/Bucharest');
     case 6:    return('Europe/Prague');
     case 7:    return('Europe/Athens');
     case 8:    return('America/Brasilia');
     case 9:    return('America/Halifax');
     case 10:   return('America/New_York');
     case 11:   return('America/Chicago');
     case 12:   return('America/Denver');
     case 13:   return('America/Los_Angeles');
     case 14:   return('America/Anchorage');
     case 15:   return('Pacific/Honolulu');
     case 16:   return('Pacific/Apia');
     case 17:   return('Pacific/Auckland');
     case 18:   return('Australia/Brisbane');
     case 19:   return('Australia/Adelaide');
     case 20:   return('Asia/Tokyo');
     case 21:   return('Asia/Singapore');
     case 22:   return('Asia/Bangkok');
     case 23:   return('Asia/Kolkata');
     case 24:   return('Asia/Muscat');
     case 25:   return('Asia/Tehran');
     case 26:   return('Asia/Baghdad');
     case 27:   return('Asia/Jerusalem');
     case 28:   return('America/St_Johns');
     case 29:   return('Atlantic/Azores');
     case 30:   return('America/Noronha');
     case 31:   return('Africa/Casablanca');
     case 32:   return('America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires');
     case 33:   return('America/La_Paz');
     case 34:   return('America/Indiana/Indianapolis');
     case 35:   return('America/Bogota');
     case 36:   return('America/Regina');
     case 37:   return('America/Tegucigalpa');
     case 38:   return('America/Phoenix');
     case 39:   return('Pacific/Kwajalein');
     case 40:   return('Pacific/Fiji');
     case 41:   return('Asia/Magadan');
     case 42:   return('Australia/Hobart');
     case 43:   return('Pacific/Guam');
     case 44:   return('Australia/Darwin');
     case 45:   return('Asia/Shanghai');
     case 46:   return('Asia/Novosibirsk');
     case 47:   return('Asia/Karachi');
     case 48:   return('Asia/Kabul');
     case 49:   return('Africa/Cairo');
     case 50:   return('Africa/Harare');
     case 51:   return('Europe/Moscow');
     case 53:   return('Atlantic/Cape_Verde');
     case 54:   return('Asia/Yerevan');
     case 55:   return('America/Panama');
     case 56:   return('Africa/Nairobi');
     case 58:   return('Asia/Yekaterinburg');
     case 59:   return('Europe/Helsinki');
     case 60:   return('America/Godthab');
     case 61:   return('Asia/Rangoon');
     case 62:   return('Asia/Kathmandu');
     case 63:   return('Asia/Irkutsk');
     case 64:   return('Asia/Krasnoyarsk');
     case 65:   return('America/Santiago');
     case 66:   return('Asia/Colombo');
     case 67:   return('Pacific/Tongatapu');
     case 68:   return('Asia/Vladivostok');
     case 69:   return('Africa/Ndjamena');
     case 70:   return('Asia/Yakutsk');
     case 71:   return('Asia/Dhaka');
     case 72:   return('Asia/Seoul');
     case 73:   return('Australia/Perth');
     case 74:   return('Asia/Riyadh');
     case 75:   return('Asia/Taipei');
     case 76:   return('Australia/Sydney');
     case 57: // null
     case 52: // null
     default: // null