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This release contains a lot of bug fixes, a command-line interface for administering DAViCal, and support for feeding monitoring and performance data.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

  • Add/Alter tables for dealing with remote attendee handling
  • Sequence counters for reporting metrics for monitoring
  • Database version is now 1.3.2

Upgrades of Other Software

  • AWL 0.57 is required.


Bug Fixes

  • Fetch external resources ignores the external_refresh setting (#92)
  • Temporary Password Sent (#94)
  • psql functions not found (#26)
  • "modified" attribute can't be mapped to LDAP schema (#99)
  • Broken handling of CATEGORIES (#82)
  • Config: $c->local_tzid not used and even throwing an error? (#35)
  • PHP options 'open_basedir' / 'allow_url_fopen' are not handled properly (#57)
  • add_member problems when PATH_INFO is not set (#96)
  • "redeclaration" an other apigen errors (#85)
  • Cannot delete collections within a group, despite sufficient priviliges (#47)
  • "Call to undefined method Principal::fullname()" (#101)
  • Infinite loop when finding delegates (#48)
  • Davical returns 404 on group-member-set (#88)
  • Updated external resources don't update the sync_token (#93)
  • Support for X-Forwarded-Proto (#87)
  • use https for the current_davical_version check (#1) as well as in many other places
  • support for bulk addressbook import (#74)
  • default_relationships now working with all auth drivers, including internal auth (#75)
  • Logout does not work when a LSID cookie is there (#56)
  • don't show logout button, when non-session/cookie based login is used (#67)
  • DAViCal session is not disabled after logout (#65)
  • ldap group import: unset group after import (!35)
  • ldap: allow admins to manually toggle the uniqueMember fix via config (#102)
  • user name from external authentication is mangled up (AWL #1, #2)
  • Fix a regression with backslash-escaping of backslashes and semicolons in some properties (AWL)

Other Changes

  • Add support for a /metrics.php endpoint which can be scraped by Prometheus for collecting monitoring and performance data
  • scripts/davical-cli: a command-line interface to DAViCal
  • Various fixes and improvements to the web UI: correct tooltips, no edit or delete buttons shown when user is not allowed to edit, no ticket column shown without write access, add an editor to create internal and external bindings (#90), unbreak locale selection (user-selected locale must be present/installed on the server OS)
  • Support "Prefer: return=minimal" as specified in RFC7240 in addition to previous "return-minimal"
  • New config options: $c->default_query_warning_threshold, $c->trust_x_forwarded, many existing options documented in example config
  • Add filtering to debug logging, so it can be limited to certain users or IP addresses: $c->dbg_filter["remoteIP"][] and $c->dbg_filter["authenticatedUser"][]
  • Updates to regression test suite, now mostly functional again
  • General cleanup around deprecated functions and funny whitespace

Downloading DAViCal

DAViCal 1.1.5:

AWL 0.57:

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git


  • None known.