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This release contains a lot of bug fixes, a commandline interface for administering DAViCal, and support for feeding monitoring and performance data.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

  • Add/Alter tables for dealing with remote attendee handling
  • Sequence counters for reporting metrics for monitoring

Upgrades of Other Software

  • AWL 0.57 is required.


Bug Fixes

  • Fetch external resources ignores the external_refresh setting (#92)
  • Temporary Password Sent (#94)
  • psql functions not found (#26)
  • "modified" attribute can't be mapped to LDAP schema (#99)
  • Broken handling of CATEGORIES (#82)
  • Config: $c->local_tzid not used and even throwing an error? (#35)
  • PHP options 'open_basedir' / 'allow_url_fopen' are not handled properly (#57)
  • add_member problems when PATH_INFO is not set (#96)
  • "redeclaration" an other apigen errors (#85)
  • Cannot delete collections within a group, despite sufficient priviliges (#47)
  • "Call to undefined method Principal::fullname()" (#101)
  • Infinite loop when finding delegates (#48)
  • Davical returns 404 on group-member-set (#88)
  • Updated external resources don't update the sync_token (#93)
  • Support for X-Forwarded-Proto (#87)
  • use https for the current_davical_version check (#1)
  • support for bulk addressbook import (#74)
  • default_relationships now working with all auth drivers, including internal auth (#75)
  • Logout does not work when a LSID cookie is there (#56)
  • don't show logout button, when non-session/cookie based login is used (#67)
  • DAViCal session is not disabled after logout (#65)
  • ldap group import: unset group after import (!35)
  • user name from external authentication is mangled up (AWL #1, #2)
  • Fix a regression with backslash-escaping of backslashes and semicolons in some properties (AWL)

Other Changes

  • Add support for a /metrics.php endpoint which can be scraped by Prometheus for collecting monitoring and performance data
  • scripts/davical-cli: a command-line interface to DAViCal
  • No edit buttons shown in Admin interface when user is not allowed to edit
  • Support "Prefer: return=minimal" as specified in RFC7240 in addition to previous "return-minimal"
  • New config options: $c->default_query_warning_threshold, $c->trust_x_forwarded
  • Add filtering to debug logging, so it can be limited to certain users or IP addresses: $c->dbg_filter["remoteIP"][] and $c->dbg_filter["authenticatedUser"][]
  • Updates to regression test suite, now mostly functional again
  • General cleanup around deprecated functions and funny whitespaces

Downloading DAViCal

DAViCal 1.1.5:

AWL 0.57:

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git


  • None known.