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This is a bug fix release.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

Database indexes are added in several places to improve performance on larger sites (#31)

Upgrades of Other Software

  • AWL 0.56 is required.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix up Windows create-database.bat (#32)
  • Import from external calendar (ics) defect (#38)
  • Unable to delete event on windows phone 8.1, sends ETag=* (#46)
  • Fix positive PROPPATCH response message body
  • Do not create incorrect SQL in supported_locales.sql (#40)
  • Imported address books will not sync via z-push (#39)
  • Default "older" value for scripts/archive-old-events.php archives ALL events (#49)
  • Plenty of ERRORS during "update-davical-database" (#43)
  • favicon.ico passthrough security threat (#53)
  • Document that YAML hates tabs (#70)
  • Make "Toggle all privileges" button work on all forms
  • 405 error when adding a new contact from Apple's Contacts (#72)
  • Handle recurring events started before 1900 (#58)
  • Fix Thunderbird mutilating external attendees

Other Changes

  • Translation updates, and making more strings translateable
  • Add $c->support_obsolete_free_busy_property
  • Allow external BIND URL to be file:///

Downloading DAViCal

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git


  • None known.