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(released 2012-07-09)

This is an important bug fix release.

Prerequisites for Upgrade

Database Upgrade

There are no database changes in this release

Versions of Other Software

  • AWL 0.53 is required.
  • PostgreSQL 8.1 or later is required (8.4 or later is recommended).
  • PHP version 5.1 or later is required.
  • PHP PDO libraries and PDO PostgreSQL drivers


Bug Fixes

  • Unassigned variable warning in Principal.php calling BuildDeadPropertyXML
  • Notification of deletes when hide_older_than is set
  • Fixes to URL encoding of some CalDAV/CardDAV properties
  • Fix to Basic Auth handling in admin UI
  • Fix CalDAV client library to handle multiple 'Allow' headers in OPTIONS response
  • Fix ldap driver to handle numeric usernames correctly.
  • Add handling for allprop and ommission of prop tag in calendar-query, calendar-multiget and addressbook-query
  • Fix parsing of relative alarm times where the event has a timezone
  • Correct detection of suhosin.server_strip status (from Christoph Anton Mitterer via debian bug #656392).
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Other Changes

  • Add support for ldap mapping of multiple fields to one DAViCal field (from Sylvain BURGER)
  • Generally improved support for a wider range of DAV/CalDAV/CardDAV properties in calendar-query, calendar-multiget and addressbook-query

Downloading DAViCal

See Downloading

Known Issues

Subsequently Fixed in Git


  • None known.