Release Notes/0.9.5

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(released 7 May 2008)

Database Upgrade Desirable

For release 0.9.5 there have been minor changes to the database which should be applied when convenient to take the database to schema version 1.2.2. Note that the database schema must be at least version 1.2.1 for this version to work (which was required also for 0.9.4). If your database upgrade is unsuccessful you will need to downgrade the code to release 0.9.3 and file a tracker on the problem, including all error messages and information about your OS release and database version. If you do have problems it will be very helpful if you are able to confidentially provide a dump of your database.

See Release Notes for the general procedure relating to upgrading the database as new releases are made - essentially, you need to run update-davical-database but it is recommended that you create a configuration file for this program to make it easier in the future.

Functionality Changes

This release changes the user maintenance page to reverse the permission granting directions so that these are now user-editable. In the past the permissions were only grantable by an administrator, since they were applying in the wrong direction.

Release 0.9.5 includes some preliminary changes to support for the Draft Scheduling Extensions to CalDAV. Clients supporting these extensions will not be able to take advantage of this until the next release, however as the changes at this point are primarily code refactoring and database changes in preparation for implementation in the 0.9.6 release.

Bug Fixes

  • A substantial effort was put into resolving a number of installation problems.
  • A number of fixes and enhancements have been applied to the LDAP authentication driver.

Other Changes

  • Some changes to the administration interface have been made in an effort to improve it's translatability.
  • A Japanese translation has been added, courtesy of Shu NAKAMAE.


The released packages are available at (for non-Debian users) or via apt-get.