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Installation on Fedora Core 9

Install date = 2009-06-07

It assumes that you have a working postgreSQL database server and an Apache web server. Install and configure these two servers before proceeding.

Package Installation

Download the following 2 packages as they are not available on the standard servers for a yum installation.

  • libawl-php-0.36-2.noarch.rpm
  • davical-

As root install the rpm packages:-

rpm -i libawl-php-0.36-2.noarch.rpm
rpm -i davical-

Database configuration

as postgres user

 su - postgres

create user davical_app

createuser --no-createdb --no-createrole davical_app

Answer n to the question

Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) n

create user davical_dba

createuser --no-createdb --no-createrole davical_dba

Answer n to the question

Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) n

go to the installed davical directory

cd /usr/share/davical-

create the database

Supported locales updated.
CalDAV functions updated.
RRULE functions updated.
Database permissions updated.
* You will need to edit the PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf to allow the
'davical_dba' database user access to the 'davical' database.
* The password for the 'admin' user has been set to 'XXXXXXXX'"
Thanks for trying DAViCal! Check in /usr/share/doc/davical/examples/ for
some configuration examples. For help, visit #davical on irc.oftc.net.

As root user edit the file /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf.

At the very top of the file, add:

local      davical       davical_app           trust
local      davical       davical_dba           md5

save file and restart the database

/etc/init.d/postgres stop
/etc/init.d/postgres start

Try acessing database as user 'davical_app'

psql -U davical_app davical

You should see the psql prompt:-

Welcome to psql 8.3.7, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.
Type: \copyright for distribution terms
\h for help with SQL commands
\? for help with psql commands
\g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
\q to quit

the command \d should display the database Schema

davical=> \d
                           List of relations
Schema |                  Name                  |   Type   |    Owner
public | awl_db_revision                        | table    | davical_dba
public | caldav_data                            | table    | davical_dba
public | calendar_item                          | table    | davical_dba
public | collection                             | table    | davical_dba
public | dav_id_seq                             | sequence | postgres
public | dav_resource                           | table    | davical_dba
public | dav_resource_type                      | table    | davical_dba
public | dav_resource_type_resource_type_id_seq | sequence | davical_dba
public | freebusy_ticket                        | table    | davical_dba
public | group_member                           | table    | davical_dba
public | locks                                  | table    | davical_dba
public | principal                              | table    | davical_dba
public | principal_principal_id_seq             | sequence | davical_dba
public | principal_type                         | table    | davical_dba
public | principal_type_principal_type_id_seq   | sequence | davical_dba
public | privilege                              | table    | davical_dba
public | property                               | table    | davical_dba
public | relationship                           | table    | davical_dba
public | relationship_type                      | table    | davical_dba
public | relationship_type_rt_id_seq            | sequence | davical_dba
public | role_member                            | table    | davical_dba
public | roles                                  | table    | davical_dba
public | roles_role_no_seq                      | sequence | davical_dba
public | session                                | table    | davical_dba
public | session_session_id_seq                 | sequence | davical_dba
public | supported_locales                      | table    | davical_dba
public | time_zone                              | table    | davical_dba
public | tmp_password                           | table    | davical_dba
public | usr                                    | table    | davical_dba
public | usr_setting                            | table    | davical_dba
public | usr_user_no_seq                        | sequence | davical_dba
(31 rows)
davical=> \q

Now try accessing database as the davical database administrator

psql -U davical_dba davical

Enter the password when prompted

If you can access the database as davical_dba then the database is now working.