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Covering the RFC4791{{#if:CalDAV|:  |}}CalDAV points in detail and listing where DAViCal is believed to be in compliance with the specification.


From Section 2 of the RFC:

In addition, a server:

  • SHOULD support the MKCALENDAR method defined in Section 5.3.1 of this document.

Details of Unsupported Features

Section Feature Requirement Status as at 0.9.8
2. Expansion of repeated events MUST :  |}}) DAViCal does not yet support expansion of repeated events. All known clients do this.
2. Support WebDAV ACLs MUST Partially supported. See RFC_Compliance/WebDAV ACL for full details
2. Support for WebDAV Class 1. MUST (still to do{{#if:COPY is not yet supported|:  |}}COPY is not yet supported).