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(Details of Unsupported Features)
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|Support for WebDAV Class 1.
|Support for WebDAV Class 1.
|{{Todo}} ([[DAV/Methods/COPY|COPY]] is not yet supported.
|{{Todo}} ([[DAV/Methods/COPY|COPY]] is not yet supported).

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Covering the RFC4791{{#if:CalDAV|:  |}}CalDAV points in detail and listing where DAViCal is believed to be in compliance with the specification.


From Section 2 of the RFC:

In addition, a server:

  • SHOULD support the MKCALENDAR method defined in Section 5.3.1 of this document.

Details of Unsupported Features

Section Feature Requirement Status as at 0.9.8
2. Support WebDAV ACLs MUST Partially supported. See RFC_Compliance/WebDAV ACL for full details
2. Support for WebDAV Class 1. MUST :  |}}) (COPY is not yet supported).