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Template:Languages Up to release 0.5.x the development of DAViCal was largely following the needs of the publicly available client software. At that point there was fairly complete interoperability with the publicly available software at the time with support for CalDAV (Mulberry, Mozilla Calendar, Evolution and Chandler).

In later releases we have put some focus into ensuring that DAViCal communication is compliant with the relevant RFCs, regardless of whether the client software requires RFC compliance. In general, however, our intention is to pragmatically implement support for specification areas which are in actual use, prior to implementation of specification areas which might become used in the future.

From 0.9.8 there is significant advancement in spec implementation due to changes in the underlying structure for generating responses.

From 0.9.9 we are starting to move into a phase of implementing standards during their design phase, with the standards coverage of DAViCal now mostly exceeding what is used by common client software.

Related RFCs and Drafts

  • Template:RFC "Calendar Access Protocol" (Experimental Protocol)
    • Similar to WCAP from Sun.
  • RFC 5785 (standards track) - supported for caldav/carddav URLs from

Interpreted Documentation

There has been some effort to break down the elements of a number of these RFCs into a broader structure within this wiki. This is best seen by starting at the DAV page, which it is hoped will evolve to be the root of a hierarchy of useful interlinked documentation, and may ultimately replace this page.


CALCONNECT, "The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium", has a Starter List of CalDAV and CardDAV Standards and Specifications on their website at http://www.calconnect.org/starterlistcaldavcarddav.shtml

Current Status of DAViCal Compliance

As at 0.9.9 significant parts of the CalDAV specification are supported, along with most of DAV (except COPY). Many elements of WebDAV access control are supported, especially with the new permissions structure which arrived in 0.9.8, but this area could still do with some more work. The scheduling extensions to CalDAV are now largely supported (they work with iCal3/iCal4, and at present no free-software clients support these extensions) and the draft is expected to be ratified within the next few months. WebDAV tickets and WebDAV Bindings are also supported in 0.9.9, and WebDAV Sync support was upgraded to the -03 draft at that release also.

Further detail may be in these occasionally maintained pages covering specific important RFCs: <ListSubPages/>