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Giving Everyone Limited Access

With the new grants system you don't need to create a group for 'everyone', and make everyone a member of that, you can just set a default privilege on your principal record, and that will be the privilege that applies to anyone who is not granted a specific privilege.

This is often a good way to set free/busy privileges, in a larger organisation, or read-only privileges, in a smaller one.

Granting Everyone Read, Restricting One Calendar

If you set a default 'read' privilege on your principal, you can set a specific grant of (e.g.) free/busy on a calendar and that will mean that people can only see free/busy times on that calendar and not the actual content of the events. Or you could deny them any access by specifying a grant from the calendar collection which granted no privileges.

Specific grants will be used instead of default privileges, if they are present, although if a user has several specific grants, such as some directly, and some via a group membership, then the applicable rights will be the sum of all rights granted (except the default ones).

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