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Cette table enregistre les informations sur les "collections". Une collection (au sens DAV) est comme un répertoire contenant des fichiers (ressources DAV). Dans notre cas les collections sont habituellement des collections de ressource calendaires.


Column Type Not Null Defaut Comment
user_no integer NOT NULL references usr(user_no) of the owner
parent_container text references any parent collection which contains this one
dav_name text NOT NULL essentially the pathname within the DAV space (after caldav.php in URL)
dav_etag text an ETag as defined in HTTP/1.1 - a string which will be invariant until the contents have changed (in our case a hash of the contents)
dav_displayname text A user-friendly name to display when a client requests the DAV::displayname property
is_calendar boolean Whether this DAV collection is also a CalDAV calendar collection
created timestamp with time zone
modified timestamp with time zone
public_events_only boolean NOT NULL false Whether this calendar should refuse to store PRIVATE or CONFIDENTIAL events.
publicly_readable boolean NOT NULL false Whether this entire calendar should be readable by anyone.
collection_id bigint NOT NULL nextval A unique ID
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