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This page is about the Web Client. If you want to contribute to DAViCal look at the Main Page.

Get the source

Contributions to the project are welcome, both code and/or translations are welcome. As my plan for the future is to convert the interface to web 2.0 (AJAX, JSON etc.) I am especially welcoming developers with this kind of knowledge - my own knowledge into these technologies is only on an introductuary+ level.

Read only access through your browser

Simply point your browser at this link Viewvc

Access to the Subversion repository

The access below is read only. If you provide patches on a regular basis write access can be given.
Grab the source directly from my subversion repository SVN
To be able to get access use:
uid: webcal
pwd: webcal01

So, how I am to provide a patch?

Is there a mailing list? Or a bug tracker? Or maybe just an email address? Esben 13:06, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

[webcal bug tracker]

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