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DAViCal General

This SourceForge-hosted mailing list is a good way to get in touch with a community of people who use and develop DAViCal. If you want to ask for help on the mailing list, please make sure you have checked this Wiki first to see if you can find answers to your questions here.

If you post a question on the mailing list, please provide as much background information as possible. Client / Server software versions are particularly important. The preferred language for the list is English, but if you feel better able to express yourself in another language then we can attempt to translate.

For quick help you may want to consider the DAViCal IRC Channel also.

Other Mailing Lists

Two previous mailing lists, DAViCal Announce and DAViCal Developers, are no longer operational. In mid-2014, two new mailing lists were created:

  • DAViCal Devel - This list is for developer discussions and automatic notification emails from bug trackers or distribution packages
  • DAViCal Commits - This list is for commit notifications, ie every time someone makes a change in one of our source code repositories, this list receives an email with that change