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The various properties applying to the DAV resources used in the various specifications to interact with the server. There are a number of namespaces applying to DAV properties which are useful to CalDAV servers and clients. The names of these have been abbreviated as follows:

Abbreviation Full namespace name Relevant specifications
DAV DAV: RFC4918{{#if:WebDAV|:  |}}WebDAV and RFC3744{{#if:WebDAV Access Control Protocol|:  |}}WebDAV Access Control Protocol
CalDAV urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav RFC4791{{#if:CalDAV|:  |}}CalDAV and CalDAV Scheduling Extensions to WebDAV (RFC6638)
CalendarServer http://calendarserver.org/ns/ Unknown

Note that these names are case sensitive, as well as the names of the properties themselves. In particular it should be noted that properties containing '-URI' or '-URL' are typically mixed case.

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