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If the $c->default_privileges is not suitable for desired permission settings, for complex permission management you can use $c->default_relationships:

$c->default_relationships = array(
    4563 => array('read','read-current-user-privilege-set'),
    4564 => array('read','read-current-user-privilege-set','read-free-busy','schedule-deliver-invite', 'schedule-deliver-reply', 'schedule-query-freebusy'),
    4565 => array('read','write-properties','write-content','read-current-user-privilege-set','bind','unbind','read-free-busy','schedule-deliver-invite',

This would set principals grants with specified permissions for newly created users. For example: 4563 => array('read','read-current-user-privilege-set') allows read and read-current-user-privilege-set to principal with ID 4563.

Template:AvailableFrom for users created with the LDAP driver

Template:AvailableFrom for internal auth and all drivers shipped with DAViCal