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If the $c->home_calendar_name and $c->home_addressbook_name options are not suitable for your new users, you can use $c->default_collections to create a more complex default collection management:

    array('type'=>'addressbook', 'name'=>'addresses', 'displayname'=>'%fn addressbook', 'privileges'=>null),
    array('type'=>'calendar', 'name'=>'calendar', 'displayname'=>'%fn calendar', 'privileges'=>null)

This would create one addressbook and one calendar with the specified name, displayname and privileges for newly created users.

Available options:

 type: 'addressbook' or 'calendar'
 name: URL name of the new collection, for example: 'home_addressbook', 'work_calendar'
 displayname: the collection's name shown in clients - you can use the following "variables" in the displayname:
   %fn - user's full name
   %rfn - user's full name in reverse order, for example: 'Peter Peterson' => 'Peterson Peter'
   if undefined or empty '%fn calendar' / '%fn addressbook' is used
 privileges: defines the privileges for the new collection, for example:
   array('read-free-busy', 'schedule-query-freebusy')
   if null or undefined default privileges are used

Note: if you use this configuration option both $c->home_calendar_name and $c->home_addressbook_name are ignored!