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This page, and related sub-pages, give details of the configuration of DAViCal itself. If you haven't yet got Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL working correctly to get DAViCal operating in a basic manner then you need to sort those issues out first. Take a look at the Apache Config, PHP Config and PostgreSQL Config pages.


The configuration file for DAViCal is looked for in several places, but the best choice is probably /etc/davical/config.php if you only want to run a single DAViCal instance.

If you want to do something different, DAViCal searches first for a number of absolute paths, and then for some relative paths, in the following order:

Absolute paths searched for DAViCal's configuration file:

  1. /etc/davical/
  2. /etc/davical/config.php
  3. /usr/local/etc/davical/
  4. /usr/local/etc/davical/config.php

Relative (to DAViCal's index.php) paths searched for the configuration file:

  1. ../config/config.php
  2. config/config.php

Configuration is PHP Code

The DAViCal configuration file is a piece of PHP code which is included very early in the processing of each page. If that does not exist, you'll get a nice error page telling you what to put in it. If the file exists but is not readable, it will be silently ignored.

If the file has a PHP syntax error you will have problems! Make sure all assignments are enclosed in quotes (or are numbers) and that each statement is correctly ended with a semicolon.

Example Configurations

Some commented example configurations are available in the source code. Unfortunately these did not ship in the past but they should be included in future versions in /usr/share/doc/davical/examples.

You can, however, download these example configurations from the source code, here:

There is also an start on a wikified version of the main example above, at Configuration settings.

General Configuration Settings

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