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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2015-06-29, 19:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting: fsfs, JimFenton, gorka

Begin time: 19:20 UTC

1. Project infrastructure

1.1. Website and documentation

a good bit of work was done on the wiki over the last weeks. JimFenton will remove pages that have been marked as to be deleted and gorka will keep up the gardening.

gorka agreed to have a look at the outdated parts of the website and update the content where necessary.

JimFenton will ask Tuxick about his server statistics for access counts of the Davical version check that each installation is doing when an admin accesses that page. With luck we'll get an approximated number of active installations (and maybe their rough locations) out of that, that we can display on the main page.

It was agreed that work needs to be done in infrastructure and documentation to make it easier for future developers to understand and contribute to the code base.

fsfs suggested we should at least have a list in the 'contributing' section of the wiki that is guiding interested developers in the right direction.

1.2. Source code

Puck (Andrew Ruthven on gitlab) merged most of the DAViCal merge requests but a few more on the AWL project still exist. Gorka will check back with contributor Mathias Althaus again and then merge thoes as well.

1.2.1 Git

1.3. Downloads and binary repositories

1.3.1 Debian/DEB Packages

1.3.2 RedHat/RPM Packages

1.3.3 Virtual Machine Packages

1.4. Localization

2. Development

2.1. Tickets or bug reports

2.2. Patches or updates

2.3. New features or versions

3.Project community

3.1 Mailing list and meetings

3.2. Roles

3.3. Communication with Andrew McMillan

4. Off topics