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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, 2014-02-18, 1700 UTC

People involved in the meeting: bobloblian, Jim Fenton, Frank Martin, gorka, mu3, mate, Dave M. (spacewrench), John A., loudgefly, kwadronaut, der-flo
Begin time: 16:58 UTC

1. Project's infrastructure

  • No access to Davical project resources
  • Wiki editing (tony seems to be the only user)
  • GIT repositories

1.1. Website and documentation

wiki at
alleged wiki at (per IRC welcome message) - link does not lead to the wiki (which is why it's 'alleged'!)

1.2. Source code

git at
and at
Davical stable release --? multiple. 1.1.2 in FreeBSD ports seems like the most 'official' and recent
  • Mate agrees to maintain and consolidate existing code until information can be acquired from Andrew regarding access to existing repositories and resources

1.3. Downloads and repositories

  • Some preference for a non-US based repository.
  • Candidates:
  • Gorka agrees to look into it, open up an account if possible and import Mate's patched Davical version into it
  • Current repositories (owned by karora) exist on GitHub and SourceForge.

2. Development

2.1. Tickets or bug reports

  • Attempts should be made to direct all support requests to the davical-general mailing list.

2.2. Patches or updates

2.3. New features or versions

3.Project's community

3.1 Mailing list and meetings

  • The next meeting is roughly scheduled to take place in 2 weeks

3.2. Available roles

3.3. Communication with Andrew McMillan

  • JimF would contact Andrew and report back to the mailing list

4. Off topics

Ended at time: 19:08 UTC