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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2016-09-14, 19:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting:

Florian (fsfs), Jim Fenton, LukasDe, ibeardslee

Begin time: 19:13 UTC

Project infrastructure

Website and documentation

The wiki now redirects from to, which should avoid confusion. Thanks to tuxick (with help from fsfs) for setting that up.

Source code


Downloads and binary repositories

Debian/DEB Packages

RedHat/RPM Packages



Tickets or bug reports

Patches or updates

fsfs is looking at the handle-remote-attendees branch (email invitations) again. cleaning up obvious mistakes and abandoned approaches.

New features or versions

LukasDe asked about auto-acceptance of invitations by resources (conference rooms, etc.) There is currently a global enable_auto_schedule configuration flag but not anything that's specific to resources. Might also want to make the flag per-calendar. But it's also important not to accept events that conflict with what's on the calendar currently.

Project community

Mailing list and meetings

Next meeting: 9 November 2016 at 20:00 UTC. Same local time for most because Summer Time will have ended. Note: Meeting didn't actually occur on that date and is rescheduled.


Communication with Andrew McMillan

Off topics

Meeting adjourned gradually, finally ending about 22:05 UTC.