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DAViCal PROJECT MEETING, called for 2017-01-05, 20:00 UTC

People involved in the meeting:

Jim Fenton, fsfs (Florian), tuxick, be0rn

Begin time: 20:00 UTC

Project infrastructure

Website and documentation

Just before the meeting, fsfs noticed that results in a certificate error. This is because the certificate is valid only for Tuxick will look into getting one with subject alternative names added.

Fsfs also asked if we can get a favicon installed with the Davical logo. Tuxick will look into that.

Source code


Fsfs has been busy over the holidays; quite a bit of new activity.

Frank Steinberg sent a merge request that contains a commit that would make the list of exterally bound collections available to every user, and place a "bind" button on both those external collections as well as on all users' collections on their individual calendars.

- we are worried that the full list might contain information that should remain private - in the case of URLs with "ticket" hashes, we might be "giving away the password to a protected resource" - "bind" buttons on other people's calendars and address books might also create the wrong impression

- still, having a UI for creating binds has come up several times (see for example issue #90) - a bind button on a group or resource calendar that a user has access to should pose no problem

Downloads and binary repositories

Debian/DEB Packages

RedHat/RPM Packages



Tickets or bug reports

Issue #87 "Support for X-Forwarded-Proto" was discussed: The default should stay as-is, but an option added to trust the x-forwarded-... headers, plus an explanation on how to "do it yourself" in config.php to cater for special setups.

Patches or updates

New features or versions

Project community

Mailing list and meetings


Communication with Andrew McMillan

Off topics

Meeting adjourned at 22:18 UTC.