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[[Community_Support/Minutes_25Jun2014|Minutes from 25 June 2014]]
[[Community_Support/Minutes_25Jun2014|Minutes from 25 June 2014]]
[[Community_Support/Minutes_22Sep2014|Minutes from 22 September 2014]]

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Community Support

Beginning in February 2014, interested members of the DAViCal community began organizing (with the concurrence of Andrew McMillan, the primary author of DAViCal) a community support model for DAViCal because of continued limitations in the time Andrew is able to dedicate to the project. The meetings are held on the #davical IRC channel on irc.oftc.net (the usual DAViCal IRC channel).

Meeting minutes are taken using the Gobby collaborative editor:

Host: assemblies.actiu.info:23101
Password: davical
Client software: http://gobby.0x539.de/

Debian and Ubuntu desktop users use the package gobby-infinote from builtin repositories. The Gobby package from Android repositories has no relation with the exposed collaborative software.

Next scheduled meeting: Monday, 22 September 2014 at 1900 UTC.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes from 18 February 2014

Minutes from 11 March 2014

Minutes from 25 March 2014

Minutes from 09 April 2014

Minutes from 30 April 2014

Minutes from 14 May 2014

Minutes from 27 May 2014

Minutes from 11 June 2014

Minutes from 25 June 2014

Minutes from 22 September 2014