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CardDAV Support

Even though native CardDAV Support was added with MacOS 10.5 and should work out of the box, unfortunately on OS X still (mid 2015, at least up to MacOS 10.10 El Capitan) has some major limitations:

  • only one addressbook is loaded => if you have 10 addressbook on the server, the interface will only show the first of them
  • no support for delegation => you cannot use shared addressbooks
  • very bad error handling => if something bad happens (a network or any other error) the contact is not saved and discarded without any notice (it is displayed, but only during the current "session", if you reopen the program the contact is gone)


You'll find the account specific local data in the directory


Especially the file Configuration.plist contains information about your account


Some of these bugs may have been fixed

[NSInvalidArgumentException] - [CoreDAVNullParser rootElement]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x60000002090b0