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Template:Languages This is a remarkably spotty result at present. Still, I guess CardDAV is not a finalised RFC yet, so we can expect that some of these things are still being worked on to some degree.

Free Software

  • Evolution - Works as WebDAV contacts. Except perhaps not currently (2.30, 2.31) other than https on port 443.
    • Here is a Bug report and patch for evolution-data-server v2.30.3 to make webdav addressbook work (version in Ubuntu Maverick)
    • To set up you DAViCal contact list in Evolution (confirmed to work over port 443 in Evolution 2.32.2 in Ubuntu Natty 11.04):
      • Go to the Contacts view
      • File > New > Address Book
      • Set Type to WebDAV and type a name of your choice
      • For the Server URL, you need to enter the full URL to your contacts collection, such as https://domain.tld/caldav.php/username/contacts
      • Enter your DAViCal username and press OK
      • Expand the WebDAV section of the Contacts and click the new Address Book you just added to see a list of you DAViCal contacts.
    • Both downloading and editing contacts appears to work. I noticed, however, that new contacts made in Evolution do not sync down to Apple Address Book (but they do sync to CardDAV-Sync beta on Android).
  • kcarddav - Not working
  • SOGo Connector - The SOGo connector v3.102 which provides CardDAV for Thunderbird 3.1 works partly (Status)
  • Thunderbird native support - work not started - see here
  • CardDAV plugin for Roundcube webmail
  • CardDavMATE - Open source web CardDav client / HTML5 Javascript+jQuery web application (compatible with Safari, Webkit, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Roundcube CardDAV-Plugin - Open source Roundcube Webmail CardDAV-Plugin
  • PHP CardDAV-Plugin - Open source PHP CardDAV-Client

Non-free Software

  • Apple Address Book (MacOS X 10.6/Snow Leopard)

Works out of the box if you specify your server with port number, e.g.

  • IOS Contacts App (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) - works at IOS 4.1 but not earlier.

CardDav-Accounts only could set up via iPhone configuration utility. It had to set up a principal url (e.g. https://domain.tld/caldav.php/username/contacts) for a working account.

Status SOGo Connector

  • The connector does not seem to synchronize automatically, so one has to synchronize manually.
  • The connector seems to use an outdated version of WebDAV Sync, so one has to configure DAViCal to use this outdated version with the following configuration setting:
$c->use_old_sync_response_tag = true;

There is a ticket for this Bug.

  • Contacts created/edited in SOGo Connector are shown correctly in other clients (tested with Apple iOS 4.1 Addressbook)
  • Contacts created/edited in other clients (iPhone) are shown only after the recreation of the link to the DAViCal calendar.

The following two problems seem to be related to some issues with Apples iOS Addressbooks handling of vCards. There is a thread on the SOGo mailing list with a suggestion for a workaround.

  • Some fields (address, multiple email-addresses, website, etc.) created with the iPhone are not shown in the Connector - the same fields created in Connector were shown correctly on iPhone.
  • Some fields might get lost in a contact edited with multiple clients: e.g. the messenger field created in Connector is lost after an edit with the iPhone.