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eTask or Enterprise Tasks is a business oriented app for the iPhoneTM and iPod touch® that uses the CalDAV protocol to view, edit, create, delete, and sync your Tasks on your Groupware server.

Features include, Syncing tasks with CalDAV servers, Multiple Accounts (Task Lists), Local iPhone/iPod touch task lists, Support for http and secure (https) protocols, View, Edit, Create, and Delete tasks, Publish local tasks to iCalEx, Subscribe to published tasks (iCalEx), User configurable time display window, Option to hide completed tasks, Quick complete/uncomplete feature.

Currently eTask supports, DAViCal, Kerio Mail Server (KMS), Oracle Beehive, Yahoo[1], SOGo[2], and Cosmo Chandler[3].


1. For additional task lists on Yahoo you must create additional Calendars NOT To Do lists. Yahoo only supports external CalDAV access for additional Calenders not for additional To Do lists. Tasks created in additional Calendars will not show on the web-interface of Yahoo but are accessible/editable through eTask, iCal, and Mozzila Sunbird.

2. Supports SOGo for standard calendar folders only, since additional Calendars are addressed via the UUID instead of the user friendly name. A WebDAV browse capability will be added to a future version to address this.

3. Once a task is marked completed on Chandler servers you cannot undo through eTask. iCal has the same problem with Chandler but you can reset this through the Chandler web-interface.