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This is a Windows only program, and it is not free software.  The free beta version was no longer available on (2010-02-16).
ZideOne is a "MAPI Message Store Provider" which converts Outlook into a real CalDAV/GroupDAV client. When Outlook saves an event, it is converted into iCalendar in realtime, and gets directly pushed to the server.
This is not a "synchronization" which sits on top of Outlook, but a real replacement of the underlying Outlook storage.
[http://zideone.com/ http://zideone.com/]
DAViCal specific configuration instructions can be found the in the ZideOne manual:
[http://www.zideone.com/en/manual/ch/config/srv/davical.html Manual]
== Compatibility with DAViCal ==
ZideOne was tested against DAViCal on 2008-11-02 and it worked fine.
The test was by the developers, more feedback is welcome.
Update 2009-07-03: ZideOne tested against DAViCal 0.9.7 and it still works very well.
The test was by the developers, more feedback is still welcome.
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