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These instructions apply to both Kontact and Korganizer.

Add a new calendar:

  • Kontact -> <Right Click> Calendar -> Add... -> Calendar in remote file
(in French: "Calendrier dans un fichier distant")
  • Use the same URL for "Download from" and "Upload to"
  • The calendar must exist in order to use it, of course, or Kontact will send an error (such as "file does not exist"). You must create the calendar using the DAViCal web-based administration interface.


  • Kontact uses WebDAV, which is supported, but not recommended, by DAViCal (particularly for larger calendars or where calendars are shared with other people). Nevertheless, Kontact seems to work with DAViCal using the remote calendar function. (This caveat may now be outdated.)

Support Kontact in KDE

Please vote for CalDAV support in Kontact, especially if you have a account. Apparently the plan is to push development of PIM CALDAV support to Akonadi or OpenSync, though neither of these projects' sites mention CalDAV anywhere. (Nevertheless, support for those libraries would probably enable CalDAV usage in other open source calendar programs as well.) It might be a good idea to use libcaldav, which is tested against DAViCal.