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Cadaver is a command-line DAV client. Since a CalDAV calendar collection is also a DAV collection it is possible to use Cadaver to get lists of items in a collection by using the PROPFIND request, and you can then GET, PUT or DELETE individual items.

However Cadaver does not support any CalDAV specific functionality such as MKCALENDAR or the calendar specific REPORT requests.

Random Jottings

Perhaps an extended version should be developed (CalDAVer?) What would be needed? Where is the complexity in implementing these HTTP methods-- in the server, client or both?

While it could be done, it probably isn't all that valuable since Cadaver doesn't understand the - though perhaps a small patch to cadaver to allow MKCALENDAR would be worthwhile and likely very easy. Scripting to do things to a CalDAV server is not that hard, as you can see by reviewing the code in the dav_test program in DAViCal which uses Curl to do all of the communication.